5'6" Bottle Rocket Fish Surfboard

5'6" Bottle Rocket Fish Surfboard


Light olive green 5'6"

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A traditional fish straight from the 80's with a wide swallow tail, straighter plan shape and keel fins, this is a recipe for speed from the get go. With performance in mind, modern concaves have been added with a slight rounded vee from the nose, blended into a single concave flowing all the way out the tail, with a bit of vee flare off the swallow allowing for easier rail to rail turns and giving just the right amount of tail rocker.

Overall rocker is relatively flat to maximise speed and paddle power. Bevelled rails and a beaked nose help to hold volume in the board whilst enabling more of a pinched in and responsive rail shape for a livelier ride. The wide point is set forward under the chest for better paddling and early entry into waves, which keeps your wave count up and getting the most out of your surf.

Goes great in waves from 2ft up to 8ft and prefers beach breaks and points, mushy or clean and punchy, making it a fun choice for a variety of conditions.

Offered as a twin fin or quad with the option of hand foiled glass on plywood fins available.

Ideally suited to intermediate/advanced surfers, although, the thickness and rail shape can be adjusted to accommodate beginners.

These boards are fast as hell, loose and skatey and will have you grinning like a cheshire cat all year round! You will not want to put it down!

Glassed with 4oz bottom with fin patch, 6oz top and 4oz deck patch.

Light olive green resin tinted cut laps with gloss and polished finish. Glass rope leash loop.

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