9'1" Aussie Nine

9'1" Aussie Nine


Teal 9'1"

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A long nine inspired from our friends down under, designed for those cleaner days when the waves have a little more shape and bite. A narrower outline is used in the nose for this board with the wide point set to the rear, minimising swing wait on those critical turns and allowing to fit into those tight pockets without catching.

60/40 pinched rails optimise glide and stability, combined with a rolled belly and vee off the diamond tail to promote quick but smooth pivotal turns and tail to nose transitions where the concaved nose gives lift for the ultimate nose rides.

An elegant board with style and purpose for surfers of any level and suited to cleaner conditions in the knee to head high range.

Glassed with 6oz bottom with fin patch, double 6oz top with a 4oz patch on the deck.

Single fin box.

Teal resin tinted cut laps with white resin pin line and gloss and polished finish. Glass rope leash loop.

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