9'6" The Hog

9'6" The Hog


Blue and White 9'6"

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The Hog is a classic longboard designed to be your daily driver, one that can do it all and in a variety of conditions. Full in the nose and holding its width through most of the board provides the perfect platform for those cross steps and hang tens. Find yourself generating insane amounts of speed flying round sections, even when perched on the nose.

The nose has a tear shaped concave for added lift when nose riding which is blended smoothly out flat for the mid section and into a rolled belly and vee out the tail.

Just enough tail rocker for smooth pivotal turns and cut backs whilst also working in harmony to keep the board balanced for those long nose rides.

50/50 rails slightly pinched for all round performance with foiled nose and tail make this Hog a slick joyful ride.

Suited to waves anything from ankle to shoulder high, in mushy slop to clean glassy lines and for all levels of surfers.

Glassed with 6oz bottom with fin patch, double 6oz top with a 4oz patch on the deck.

Single fin box.

Clear resin cut laps with Cobalt blue resin panels and pin. Glass rope leash loop. Gloss and polished finish.

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