7'0" The Rambler Surfboard

7'0" The Rambler Surfboard


Golden Brown 7'0"

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If you were only to have one board that you could travel round the world with, this would probably be it! The Rambler is basically a mid length egg that will accommodate for all levels, but hell, it surprising feels closer to a shortboard once on a wave with a little more guts. You will have an instant sense with this board the second your feet hit the deck that you can put all your confidents into and knowing it will do what you want. A surprisingly lively feel for a board of it size, a great all rounder that will get the best out of your surfing in most wave conditions. Its wide nose and flat rocker make paddling a breeze and get you into the wave nice and early, be it 6ft or 1ft.

Low rocker for easy paddling, trim and glide, and the tail being nicely foiled lets you put some decent power into your turns.

Bottom contours are fairly complicated; from the nose, slight rounded vee with a narrow single concave starting very early, progressing out wider under the chest area and into a slight double that blends to a prominent spiral vee in front of the fins and out the tail.

It really excels once the waves get a little a bigger, ideally points and reefs but you will also have plenty of fun on the beaches, mushy or clean. This board can go in anything from 1ft up to whatever you are brave enough to take it out in! Perfect board for our local breaks on the south coast.

Great for beginners too as it holds plenty of volume, combined with a wide and full outline but being mid length makes it easier for inexperienced to handle but still giving easy wave catching ability and stability in smaller waves.

A two plus one fin setup keeps everything under control nicely, with the side bites adding extra hold and drive. We recommend using our 'shark bite' fins. This also gives you the option of just a single fin, twin or even tri, making the Rambler the perfect travel buddy.

So whether you are a beginner, advanced surfer or anywhere in between this board will show you good time for sure!

Generally glassed with 4oz bottom with fin patch, 6oz top with 6oz deck patch. A good compromise between strength and weight.

Futures side fin boxes and single fin box.

Golden brown resin tinted cut laps with gloss and polished finish. Glass rope leash loop.

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